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About Me

Dr. Jennifer Davey is a licensed clinical psychologist, board-certified biofeedback therapist, and owner of an independent teletherapy practice for Pennsylvania residents. Drawing from her diverse educational and clinical background, Dr. Davey uses an integrative approach to therapy – incorporating both traditional psychology and complementary methods to address a range of psychological and physical health conditions.   


Dr. Davey obtained her Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University, graduating with high honors in Psychology in 1998.  She went on to complete her Masters degree in Elementary and Special Education from Rutgers University's Graduate School of Education in 1999, during which she received comprehensive training in early cognitive and behavioral development of children.  


With her growing interest in mind-body health and wellness, Dr. Davey went on to further pursue a Doctoral degree in Psychology - with a focus on training in applied psychophysiology and biofeedback. In 2007, she earned her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the Graduate Institute of Clinical Psychology at Widener University. Her diverse clinical work included assessment, psychotherapy and coaching for emotional and behavioral difficulties, learning and attention disorders, health-related disorders, and stress management for children and adults.


In addition, Dr. Davey completed a 2-year APA-approved internship at the Widener Biofeedback Clinic and Certification Center. As part of the founding team of the clinic, she helped to start and establish its role and involvement in the community. Her graduate research focused on incorporating applied psychophysiology and biofeedback  within traditional cognitive behavioral methods to treat posttraumatic stress disorder. 


Dr. Davey completed her postdoctoral training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), primarily providing neuropsychological assessment for NIH-funded studies for a range of disorders for children, adolescents and adults. She continued her work as a psychologist at CHOP after her training, until she decided to focus solely on her clinical work at her private practice in 2010. 

Over the past decade, Dr. Davey has continued her professional studies and training in various areas of integrative health to bring to her practice. Her approach incorporates a blend of modalities, including: cognitive-behavioral therapy, pain reprocessing therapy,  biofeedback, mindfulness, guided meditation and other stress reduction techniques. 

Dr. Davey's practice focuses on placing importance on working with a person as a whole - including aspects of both the mind and body and how they work together, as well as teaching real-life behavioral techniques to facilitate healthy physical and psychological change. Beyond developing knowledge and self-awareness, individuals also become equipped with hands-on skills and strategies to reach and maintain their personal goals.


Recently, Dr. Davey transitioned her onsite practice to teletherapy - now offering her clinical expertise online. Recognizing the unique benefits teletherapy offers to individuals, Dr. Davey understands this new frontier in providing mental health services can ultimately offer more help to more people.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Sigmund Freud

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